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The Babysitter: Film Review: A Fun, Gory Flick

The Story

The Babysitter, directed by McG, follows twelve-year-old Cole. He is unpopular and afraid of everything, and is also in love with his babysitter, Bee. She is cool and confident, and is the envy of many a male gaze. One evening, while Bee is babysitting, she sends Cole to bed. A short while later, a group of Bee’s friends come over. They assume that he is asleep, but he is actually awake and spying on them. He witnesses the murder of one of the guests in the name of a Satanic ritual. He tries to escape, but before he can run away, Bee discovers that Cole witnessed the sacrifice. Now, he must escape the group of bloodthirsty teens before they kill him.

What I Thought

I thought this movie was so over the top that it was hilarious. It was a gory, good time, and was a good film to shut your brain off with. It is a movie that you will either love of hate, but you will definitely laugh at least once (the pop culture references were the best!). Some of the deaths were a little too contrived and convenient, but it did not matter much for this bizarre, indie flick. It is not a thought-provoking movie, and reading too much into it would certainly destroy the enjoyment.

On the technical side of things, the performances by Judah Lewis and Samara Weaving were well-done and believable. I also loved the unexpected performances by Leslie Bibb and Ken Marino. On the whole, the movie was a throwback to the 80s slasher flick, without being overly-nostalgic. It was an interesting blend of modern and 80s, but it worked well for this quirky film.

Why You Should Watch It

If you want a horror movie you can laugh to, and one that does not require too much thought, watch this movie!

Final Rating

💀💀💀💀/5 skulls

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