• Veronica: Film Review (And Why it is NOT the Scariest Film of 2018)
    The Story Veronica, directed by Paco Plaza (REC), is about a teenager who holds a seance during a solar eclipse. She and her friends try to reach the spirit of her father, who recently passed away. They end up summoning something far more sinister. According to Bloody Disgusting, Veronica is based on true events, about a girl who died in Madrid in the 1990s. Her mother attributed her untimely death to her playing with spirit boards. About a year after her death, the girl’s mother called […]
  • The Ritual: Film Review: Almost Too Creepy to Watch
    The Story The Ritual, directed by David Bruckner and written by Joe Barton, begins when a group of men plan to take a holiday together by hiking. Tragedy strikes and one of the group is killed in a robbery. In order to honor his memory, the rest of his friends follow through with their plans and hike through Sweden. On their way back, they take a shortcut through a forest. Before they can get too far, they realize that someone, or something, is hunting them. What I Thought Without a doubt, this […]
  • The Devil Crept In: Book Review: A Modest, Slow-Burn Horror Story
    The Story The Devil Crept In, by Ania Ahlborn, begins when Stevie’s cousin and only friend, Jude, goes missing. The cops cannot find him, and Stevie suspects that they are not even trying. Feeling that the adults have given up hope, he takes matters into his own hands and sets out to find Jude. What I Thought The first half of this book was a pretty low-key horror read. It was creepy and I was interested, but it was a slow-burn. However, halfway through the book, I was hooked. The pace […]
  • The Babysitter: Film Review: A Fun, Gory Flick
    The Story The Babysitter, directed by McG, follows twelve-year-old Cole. He is unpopular and afraid of everything, and is also in love with his babysitter, Bee. She is cool and confident, and is the envy of many a male gaze. One evening, while Bee is babysitting, she sends Cole to bed. A short while later, a group of Bee’s friends come over. They assume that he is asleep, but he is actually awake and spying on them. He witnesses the murder of one of the guests in the name of a Satanic ritual. […]
  • Truth or Dare: Trailer
    Blumhouse does it again, with what looks to be another terrifying movie. Truth or Dare stars Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Landon Liboiron (Hemlock Grove), and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf). It is directed by Jeff Wadlow (Consulting Producer for Bates Motel). Truth or Dare is about a game that comes to life in a startling way. After a trip to Mexico, a group of college friends realize that they are in danger after the game turns out to be deadly. They must carry out a dare or tell the truth, or […]
  • Slender Man: Trailer
    Slender Man is the new movie from the director of I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, Sylvain White. It stars young actors such as Joey King (Independence Day:Resurgence and The Conjuring) and Julia Golandi  Telles (The Affair). The tale of Slender Man comes to life for four young girls in a rural town. They summon Slender Man, a terrifying creature with long arms and a featureless face, who is believed to be responsible for countless disappearances. And, even though they were only […]
  • My Best Friend’s Exorcism: Book Review
    The Story My Best Friend’s Exorcism, by Grady Hendrix, begins when two girls, Abby Rivers and Gretchen Lang, become best friends. They meet at Abby’s unsuccessful birthday party, where only newcomer Gretchen shows up. The story moves forward and follows the duo as they grow up, and enter sophomore year of high school. They are now a part of a four-girl group who are smart, popular and on the fast-track to success. They also strive to be the first to try things before their peers. As part of […]
  • Darling: Book Review
    The Story Darling, the first horror novel by Brad C. Hodson, is set in the mysterious Raynham Place, an apartment complex in Tennessee with a dark and complex history. The lands were once a site of a battlefield during the Civil War, and then became a tuberculosis hospital. In the present day, dark and mysterious things happen to the tenants who live at Raynham Place, and it is immersed in tales of supernatural lore. Dennis and Mike, two lifelong friends, move to Raynham Place together. Even […]
  • Mayhem: Trailer
    Directed by Joe Lynch, Mayhem is a story about a virus that erodes impulse control. It follows Derek Cho, portrayed by the beloved Steven Yeun, (The Walking Dead) as he is fired from his job. Before he can exit the building, the building is put under lockdown as a virus begins to rage within its confines. Violence runs rampant as Derek works with a former client, played by Samara Weaving (Ash vs. Evil Dead), to exact his revenge on those who wronged him. Mayhem will be hitting the silver screen […]
  • Update #2: “The Citizen” and More!
    As most of you who read my blog already know, I have been working on the The Citizen for quite a while now. It has taken up a lot of my time, but I truly feel accomplished to know that I finally finished this book. It feels so surreal, as I eagerly wait for for launch day to come. I am both terrified and excited to release my work into the world. But, no matter how it does or what people say about it, I know that I have accomplished something amazing for myself, and something that I did not […]
  • IT: Film Review
    I know this post is crazy late, but I still wanted to do a review on Stephen King’s IT, which premiered September 8, 2017. Be advised, there will be spoilers ahead… I had extremely high hopes going into this film, and overall, I did like the movie. I was excited because I loved Bill Skarsgård in Hemlock Grove, and the trailers for this movie made it look like the movie was going to be freaking terrifying. Starting the film, I was not disappointed. They introduced Pennywise, the […]
  • Halloween Crafts!
    I don’t consider myself a particularly crafty person. Hell, I have no patience for pretty much anything artsy, except maybe writing (and that is on a good day). But there is something about Halloween that makes me want to make stuff. I enjoy getting together with my mom and doing something fun, easy, and will last a couple of seasons. Here a few of the crafts we plan on doing for this Halloween: Spook your guests with these adorable soaps! They are not only cute, but extremely easy to make and […]
  • The Hatred: Film Review
    The Story Before I begin, I am issuing an official spoiler warning. Read at your own risk from this point forward! “The Hatred” begins when five college girls go to their professor’s new country home for a long weekend getaway. They babysit the professor’s young daughter, Irene, who believes there is a ghost in the house. Skeptical at first, the women quickly discover that the house is not the peaceful retreat that they hoped for, but is a house of spiritual unrest. What I Thought […]
  • Why People Love Halloween
    If you are a follower of my Twitter or Facebook, then you have no doubts that I love Halloween. Screw Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. I start looking for decorations and craft ideas in June, and I decorate my house in September. Of course, neither of these habits have ever struck me as strange. It was while I was driving to the Spirit of Halloween store a couple of days ago, that I realized how much of a lifestyle Halloween is for me. I would not say that […]
  • Update #1: “The Citizen”
    Hello, splatter lovers! And, welcome to the updated home of Cutting Edge Horror. Hopefully, you like the new design, with the rather ostentatious display of my first novel, The Citizen, on the front page. I am pretty excited to be working on this project, even though it is a little stressful at times. As a first-time indie author, I am doing all the legwork, book design and marketing included, which comes with quite the steep learning curve. But, I am really enjoying it, and have high hopes […]
  • The Belko Experiment: Film Review
    The Story For Mike Milch (John Gallagher Jr.), his day at Belko Industries begins when he arrives at the office in Bogotá, Colombia. He finds it odd that security guards are escorting some of the staff away from the premises, but he continues into the office. Some of the other employees arrive, and the day continues as expected. Things quickly change when a voice over the intercom demands that the workers kill two of their own, or else four of them will be killed at random. Thinking that it […]
  • “Dead in Bed” by Adrian Birch: Book Review
    The Story Dead in Bed: The Complete First Book, by Adrian Birch, begins when a plague breaks out in the small town of Muldoon, Colorado. After a night of partying, the protagonist, Ashley Young, wakes up in a motel room, unsure of what tragedy has locked the town down overnight. Quickly, the town becomes a quarantine zone as the plague, which drives the infected to crave sex, sweeps over the town’s residents. Ashley’s will to survive is tested as she struggles to withstand the desperate […]
  • “Skitter” by Ezekiel Boone: Book Review
    The Story Skitter, the highly-anticipated sequel in Ezekiel Boone’s The Hatching series, quickly picks up after the terrifying breed of flesh-eating spiders have taken over the major cities of the world. Tens of millions of people are left dead. But, the spiders have expired almost as quickly as they came. Dr. Melanie Guyer cautiously hopes that the worst might be over, and the world can begin pick up the pieces. Yet, thousands of miles away, scientists discover an enormous, glowing egg sac in […]