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“House of Furies” by Madeleine Roux: Book Review

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The Story

House of Furies begins when seventeen-year-old Louisa Ditton escapes her brutal boarding school and finds employment as a maid at the Coldthistle House. After she arrives at the house, she realizes that its owner, Mr. Morningside, has less-than-hospitable plans for the guests who board there. She finds that the house is a place of vengeance for those who commit evil, and those who enter through its doors are fated for judgement.

As Louisa gets to know one of the guests, a young man named Lee, she sees that he is not evil, like the other guests. As she tries to save him from his fate, she questions who she can trust, and begins to realize what evil truly is.

What I Thought

This was a much different type of book from what I normally read, but I am glad that I picked it. The story was a nice, easy read, though the pacing was brisk. The Gothic setting was spot-on for the events of the story, and I really loved the character of Louisa. She seemed like a character a little out of her time, which is why I liked her so much – she is pushy, independent, and stubborn, all of which are admirable characteristics (to me, anyway).

The only criticism I have of the story were that some of the transitions between scenes were abrupt and a little difficult to follow. However, I can say that this story is an excellent start to a new series that I will, for sure, be keeping up on.

Why You Should Read It

If you enjoy Gothic horror and myths, this story would be awesome for you. It is entertaining and engaging, and is a great book for a rainy, cold day. Also, the illustrations, from artist Iris Compiet, were exquisitely creepy, and added a nice touch to the story.


House of Furies (affiliate link), by Madeleine Roux, was published on May 30, 2017 by HarperTeen. It is the first installment of the House of Furies series.

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