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“Skitter” by Ezekiel Boone: Book Review

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The Story

Skitter, the highly-anticipated sequel in Ezekiel Boone’s The Hatching series, quickly picks up after the terrifying breed of flesh-eating spiders have taken over the major cities of the world. Tens of millions of people are left dead. But, the spiders have expired almost as quickly as they came. Dr. Melanie Guyer cautiously hopes that the worst might be over, and the world can begin pick up the pieces. Yet, thousands of miles away, scientists discover an enormous, glowing egg sac in Japan, leaving the world unequipped to survive the true horror that is yet to come.

What I Thought

Ever since I read The Hatching (affiliate link) a couple of months ago, this series has become one of my favorites. It is ironic, especially considering the depth of my hatred for spiders. But, there is something about the way Boone spins his story that makes it a truly satisfying, creepy tale. I loved how Boone used spiders, the seemingly innocuous creature most people are afraid of, and made them truly horrifying.

For it being a story that was more focused on the future threats and the past disaster, the story developed a great amount of tension, intensity and foreboding for the future installment. I particularly enjoyed how Boone used multiple characters to further the story, as he did in the first book. He made the audience be invested in the many mini-stories, and made the scope of terror extend globally. I thought this was interesting, especially since isolation is a key component to the horror genre, but the story does not suffer for the immense use of space. The only criticism I had  is that some of the jumps between the characters were too quick to be satisfying, and really did not do much to further the story.

I am so excited to see when the third in the series will be released. No word on a potential release date – trust me, I have already checked!

Why You Should Read It

If you enjoy disaster stories or apocalypse stories, then this story is just what you are looking for. I would strongly recommend reading the first in the series, The Hatching, before reading this one, or else you will have difficulty getting up to speed on the characters. Also, definitely do not read this book if you have spider phobias – you will likely have nightmares for the rest of your life!


Skitter (affiliate link), by Ezekiel Boone, is published by Simon & Schuster and released on April 26, 2017.

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