The Citizen

The Citizen
For fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Gender Game comes a dystopian novel like no other.
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About the Book

The Nation
In the post-apocalyptic ruins of North America lies The Silo, part of the utopian Nation that is founded upon peace and comfort. It is a society that has removed love, power, and greed, elements of humanity that have caused the most destruction throughout history.

Lysa has always longed for freedom outside the gates of The Silo, and has long been suspicious that it is not the peaceful place that it claims to be. When she witnesses a secret, heinous act of violence against another citizen, she can no longer ignore her suspicions. She plans to escape The Silo with her partner, Jax, but her plan is interrupted when she is sentenced to death for treason.

The Resistance
Lysa narrowly escapes with her life and takes refuge in a forest. It is here that she encounters The Resistance, a group of people who seek to destroy The Nation and restore the lost aspects of humanity. Lysa learns of an age-old war between the two groups, and must determine where her loyalties lie.

If you enjoy dystopian fiction, you will not want to miss this series!

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Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Tag: horror books
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