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It Comes At Night: Film Review

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A plague has ripped through the outside world, leaving few survivors in its apocalyptic wake. Paul, his wife, and their son live in seclusion, trying to stave off the devastation and survive. But, when they discover an intruder breaking into their home, their illusion of security is shattered. Paul interrogates the intruder to find that he was searching for supplies for his family. Slow to trust him, they invite him and his family to stay with them, with the idea that having more survivors would enable them to better defend their home location.

Over time, the two families grow closer and begin to develop trust. But, as the plague nears, their trust is tested, and Paul is forced to make decisions that might cost him the lives of those he loves.


I probably don’t need to say that this movie has had a lot of mixed criticism. The movie had a great deal of hype surrounding it, especially after director Trey Edward Shults’ outstanding debut, Krishna, and the fact that the critics absolutely adored it. However, the average movie-goer has not been so convinced. Take the ratings over at Rotten Tomatoes – 86% of the critics enjoyed the film, but only 43% of audience-goers enjoyed it.

To me, there was a lot that was missing, but there was also a lot that was done right. For instance, the imagery and some of the shots were completely stunning and exceptionally masterful. The atmosphere of terror was very well-done, and is what carried the movie forward. The acting was also incredible. Joel Edgerton did an outstanding job portraying Paul, and the performances from the other actors were exceptionally convincing.

With that said, the pace was extremely slow, and it did not lead into anything particularly exciting at the end. The atmosphere of terror was not matched by action, and the only scary parts took place in dreams, which had very little bearing on the story. My chief complaint were the unanswered questions. Don’t get me wrong here – there is nothing wrong with a good, open ending, but there were so many question and plot points that were left unanswered and unexplored, that it made for a very unsatisfying end.

 Why You Should See It:

I have mixed thoughts on this one, splatter lovers. It Comes At Night (affiliate link) is an intensely psychological film, yet it leaves something to be satisfied. It is extremely vague in its execution, which is both its allure and its frustration. I can definitely say that you will either love it or hate it, but it will leave you puzzling all the same.

Final Review: 💀💀💀/5 skulls

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