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The Hatred: Film Review

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The Story

Before I begin, I am issuing an official spoiler warning. Read at your own risk from this point forward!

“The Hatred” begins when five college girls go to their professor’s new country home for a long weekend getaway. They babysit the professor’s young daughter, Irene, who believes there is a ghost in the house. Skeptical at first, the women quickly discover that the house is not the peaceful retreat that they hoped for, but is a house of spiritual unrest.

What I Thought

This movie had a lot of promise. The trailer was scary AF, but sadly, the movie did not deliver. The acting and characters were amateurish to me, with long pauses and characters that were not very convincing in some parts. This is sad, considering such a promising cast, such as Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), Sarah Davenport (Dusk), Amanda Wyss (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Alisha Wainwright (An American Werewolf in London). Considering the the film was written by Michael G. Kehoe (Hush) and produced by Malek Akkad (Halloween), I was really expecting a total mind-fuck of a movie. But, the execution of the story was not enough to support the good ideas the story is sprung from.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie certainly did have some creepy parts to it. And, I liked the fact that the writers took so much time setting up the backstory of the haunting. This explanation is not something that is typically done so early on in a horror film, and I thought it was original. Yet, the rest of the movie did not support the immense backstory. Even though it had its faults, and horror tropes ran thick through the body of the film, my chief complaint was the ending. It left a lot of questions unanswered, and frankly, felt very rushed. It did not have the feel of having a sequel to follow it up, which made it very unsatisfying and too open-ended.

Why You Should Watch It

If you are looking for a low-key horror movie that is a slow burn, “The Hatred (affiliate link)” is for you.

Final Rating

💀💀/5 skulls

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