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IT: Film Review

I know this post is crazy late, but I still wanted to do a review on Stephen King’s IT, which premiered September 8, 2017. Be advised, there will be spoilers ahead…

I had extremely high hopes going into this film, and overall, I did like the movie. I was excited because I loved Bill Skarsgård in Hemlock Grove, and the trailers for this movie made it look like the movie was going to be freaking terrifying. Starting the film, I was not disappointed. They introduced Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling, dancing clown, early in the movie, and it was a great way to kick off the action. Yet, as the movie progressed, it seemed like a great deal of the time was spent setting up the stories of each member of The Losers Club. I understand this is an integral part of the story, especially in setting up the characters for the sequel. But, the fact that so much of the movie focused on The Losers Club sacrificed the amount of time spent in developing tension and fear.




Pennywise did make his appearance here and there, but not as much as I hoped he would. Most of the hype going into the movie was about Pennywise, and I did not feel like there was enough of him to warrant the hype. Not to say that Bill Skarsgård’s performance as Pennywise was inferior in any way. He made an incredible Pennywise and the acting, in general, was amazing. For such a young cast, they commanded great attention and each one of them seemed to sell their parts. For the director, Andy Muschietti, he should definitely count his handling of the movie as an enormous accomplishment. Looking back with his previous, somewhat lackluster film, Mama, he has truly grown and matured in his abilities. I am excited to see what else he does and how his style will continue to develop.

On that note, I think the success of movie was a case of ingenious marketing. They started putting out trailers quite in advance of the release date, and there was a lot of talk surrounding the new Pennywise. There was so much hype about the release of the movie, and it paid off big time (IT is the highest grossing, R-rated horror film to hit box offices, according to Forbes). The trailers certainly made it look scary AF, but after watching the movie, I realized that the trailers gave away most of the jump scenes, which also brought down the scary level for me. There were a few scenes that caught me off guard, but I kind of knew what things to expect in the movie. Or maybe I am just a hardened, desensitized soul who is not afraid of clowns.

On the whole, the movie was good, and I have to agree with the 7.2/10 average rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Regardless, I am excited to see the sequel, and see if the all the setup pays off in the second part, and I am definitely hopeful that there will be more Pennywise.

What did you think of IT, splatter lovers? Let me know in the comments!


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