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Who Will Die Tonight on The Walking Dead?

I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to tell you that the last season of The Walking Dead left us off with a cliffhanger. Rumors are flying all around the Internet as to who was killed off at the end of season six, and for, most of us, we have been dying to see who it was for six grueling months. Spoilers ahead for those of you not caught up.

The end of season six left us with Negan lining the survivors up, enveloping them in a crowd of his Saviors. In an effort to extract his own brand of revenge on the Ricktatorship for killing some of his group, Negan decides that he will kill one of the the group by beating them to death with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, Lucille. We don’t see who Negan kills, but we are left with the image of Negan beating a member of the group to death, saying that they are “taking it like a champ.”

This terminology, how he focuses a lot on Carl in the final moments of the season, leads me to believe that Carl was the one who got the bat. However, is Negan the type to kill a child? I think so, because he hates Rick, and that would be the best way to punish Rick and get his point across to the other members of the group. But, even so, wouldn’t it be wiser for him to get rid of someone more threatening? Like Abraham or Daryl, for instance?

It is fairly possible that Abraham will die, but he is a minor character, and I really wonder if it would be wise to hype this all up for a minor character’s death. Especially considering that fans are still rather mistrusting after the trickery with Glenn’s faked death in the previous season, and it would just piss people off. Daryl is also on the chopping block, strong and confident and a threat to Negan. But a character like Negan, overconfident and powerful, might like the challenge, might like forcing the strong to submit to his will. Plus, I can’t imagine that AMC would kill off his character. Everyone I know loves Daryl and I think they would lose some fans if they kill him off. Hell, I don’t think I could watch it again if they killed Daryl off.

While it is possible that Michonne, Eugene, or the others (not even mentioning Rick, because they would have no show without him) will be victims, none of them seemed to stand out to Negan, so I would say they are pretty safe…for now.

Even so, I’m pretty sure that Maggie will also die, but maybe not by Negan’s hand. She is obviously not well, and without medical care, she probably won’t last long. Negan might or might not “put her out of her misery,” but I definitely think she will not be around for long. Poor Glenn.

Be sure to tune in to AMC at 9:00 Sunday for the long-awaited premiere, splatter lovers. But, until then, contain yourselves with this sneak peek for Season 7.


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